These are some of our most popular questions:

Q. How long will my chocolates last?

A. Most of our products have a shelf life of 6 to 8 weeks when stored in an air tight container in a temperature between 65 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. What brand of chocolate do you use in your products?

A. We use a blend of Guittard Chocolate Company and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company chocolates.

Q. I'm allergic to peanuts. Which chocolates can I safely consume?

A. With the exception of our almond bark and gourmet peanut butter cups, our chocolates are peanut-free.

Q. What shipping option is best during the summer season?

A. Due to the extreme temperatures during the summer months we recommend using the fastest shipping option available. We also offer cold pack shipping, to keep chocolate cool while in transit.

Q. Aside from what I see on your menu, what other products do you have?

A. We're always working on new products, so check back often.

Q. Do you cater weddings and special events?

A. Yes, please contact us to schedule a taste sampling.