"By the way, the chocolates were a great success at my pre-Thanksgiving meal. The cheesecake and the pumpkin roll were untouched, the chocolates on the other hand were devoured!"

- Deborah Krocheski, 2011

"Danny and Keith: You two are rock star gods as far as Amy & I are concerned. You swoop in at the last minute with amazing chocolate and become the star of our Friday event!"

- Rachel Petschel, ALS Angels member of the board, 2011

"Oh !@#$%! That is really good."

- Guest at a wedding reception, talking about our orange juice truffles, 2011

"This is better than my grandma's fudge."

- Guest at a charity event, talking about our dark chocolate fudge, 2011

"These guys are a class act. Each time we have included their yummies at events we have held, they are the hit of the party. We are using them for our wedding as well."

- Wedding client, 2011

"Seriously, as good as it gets! These guys know exactly how chocolate should taste."

- Wedding client, 2011